With over 40-year experience, we have tirelessly researched, developed, manufactured, and distributed multiple products for various leading hotels, spas, health institutions and companies in Thailand and abroad. Our highest ambition is to develop excellent quality products that serve the need of our end-customers. 

     As one of the leading and oldest professional therapeutic products manufacturer in the industry, our company is well-known for the unique formulation and identity of each product, the diversity available throughout our product line, and the top-notch quality that is compliant with various international standards such as GMP and Green Industry.

 “To develop excellent product quality that serve the need of our end-customers, we have to truly understand and empathize with the problems our customers are facing” 

– Preeda Tangtrongchit, Founder


We are Professional One-Stop Service Natural and Herbal Products Manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.

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