OEM/ODM services for Herbal Products,
Herbal Balm, Herbal Inhaler, Nasal Inhaler

We offer one-stop service OEM/ODM herbal products, herbal balm, herbal inhaler, herbal liquid balm, and other
types of herbal products with FDA registration from Thailand under the Traditional Medicine category
as well as cosmetics. Every product is manufactured under international standards such as GMP and Green Industry.

Herbal Balm

Develop your own formulations or choose from our standard formula

Herbal Products

Clean process and unique formulations

Herbal Inhaler

Variety standard options to choose from

Herbal Liquid Balm

With various benefits to choose from

Herbal Oil and Cream

New and Traditional formulatons

With over 40-year experience in herbal products and the traditional medicine industry,
We have researched, developed, manufactured, and distributed multiple products to over 1,000+ clients worldwide.

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We are Professional One-Stop Service Natural and Herbal Products Manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.

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